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Edward Dalmulder

 The Shisei Research Foundation pursues research and other activities that help to promote good health and fitness, through the practice of static posture and dynamic posture exercises, both within Japan and overseas.


1) Research and instruction into suitable posture.

2) Research and instruction into traditional Japanese bearing and posture.

3) Lectures and seminars on suitable posture and demeanor, and
traditional Japanese ways of conduct.

4) Writing books and e-books, and creating DVDs on suitable posture and demeanor, and on traditional Japanese ways of conduct.

5) Other matters related to Shisei.


• Our Executive Officers and Trustees

Shisei researcher. President of Shisei Planet.
Graduated from Shisei Kinsei Therapy College (now called the Kinsei Therapist Association College) as a Shisei therapist and an acupuncturist and moxa‐cauterizer. In a 40-year career as an orthopedist and physical therapist, working in internal medicine departments, and Shisei schools, he has helped over 200,000 people remedy posture problems. He established the Shisei Research Foundation Accredited Shisei Practitioners Association and is also responsible for training and developing training materials for the association. Main Publications: "Shizen-na-Shisei no Totonekata" (natural posture adjustment), 2010, "Shizen-na Kokoro no Yuragikata" (natural relaxation of the heart and mind), 2016, "Practical Lessons In SHISEI" Digest Version, 2012.


Peter E. P. Stubbs:
After graduating from London University, has worked for the United Nations, Kodansha International, and Osaka Gakuin Junior College in Japan. Also oversees the planning and management of the Shisei Research Foundation's overseas activities.


Has many years experience working in computer maintenance and management at Olivetti, Kanematsu Electronics, OPN, and others. Responsible for managing the Foundation's online system.


Has worked for over 35 years at Kyushu International University (Educational Affairs Section, Student Affairs Office, Admissions Group, Special Project Section, and Cultural Exchange Center) Currently acting as auditor for the Shisei Research Foundation.


Tatsujiro FUJIWARA
President of The Big Sports Co., Ltd., which in its facilities established the first Shisei program in 2002 at the request of Ken Katayama. Mr Fujiwara was one of the first to realize the importance of shisei education and shisai training programs and is an enthusiastic pioneer in this field.


Masayoshi TOKUHISA
Has used shisai exercises and shisei to improve or cure several disorders he has encountered. Has over 20 years experience of implementing shisai exercises and shisei treatments. Runs a shisei/shisai school in Sasebo City, Nagasaki. Chairman of the Shisai Practitioners Association. Graduated from the Law Department at Meiji Gakuin University.


Worked as a yoga instructor for over 20 years, and now teaches Shisei as traditional Japanese culture and the relaxation responses used in Shisei to offer relief through reasonable shisai exercises. Also acts as training manager of the network of shisei schools in Japan.


Hiromi MAEDA
His own experience with sports and sports injuries taught him the importance of the principles of shisei in these fields. His 30-years of experience in running a driving school allowed him to develop and oversea the training curriculum used for the Accredited Shisei Practitioner course of the Foundation.


Pierre-Marie GAGEY;
Established the clinical posturology society of France (Association Francaise de Posturologie).
Medical doctor, philosopher, and ethicist.
1973-2016 Member of the International Symposium of the Society for Postural and Gait Research
1984 Established the Association Francaise de Posturologie. Served as its chairman for over 10 years.
As a medical practitioner has spent many years studying shisei, and has a deep understanding of it and Japanese culture. Also a leading figure in the International Society for Postural and Gait Research for many years.

• Main publications
La Posturologie du Généraliste. De Verlaque (Aix en Provence).
/Gagey P.M., Gentaz R. (1989)
Huit leçons de posturologie. Editées par l'Association Française de Posturologie, Paris.
/Gagey P.M., Bizzo G., Bonnier L., Gentaz R., Guillaume P., Marucchi C., Villeneuve P. (1994)
Entrées du système postural fin. Masson, Paris.
/Gagey P.M., Weber B. (1995)
Posturologie; Régulation et dérèglements de la station debout. Masson, Paris. (Three editions and translated in Italian, Spanish, Portugese, Russian)
/ Gagey P.M., Weber B. (1995)
Posture et environnement. Sauramps Médical, Montpellier
/Lacour M, Gagey PM, Weber B. (1997)

• Kindle version
Mort aux chutes(2016)
Criticism of Posturology: A Psychology of Discovery (English Edition) (French Edition)(2016)
Pratiques en posturologie(2017)


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