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Shisai Academy

Range of courses for beginners to specialists.
Courses at the Shisai Academy:

The Shisai Academy hopes to help not only people looking to improve their own posture and mental attitude, but also offer a qualification that will see graduates recognized as specialists, not only within Japan, but also overseas.

1. Basic subjects: For students looking to learn the basics of shisei.
Subjects include: Basic Shisai, Shiseigaku (Posturology), Basic Anatomy and Physiology, and others.

2. Main course: For students looking to become shisei trainers.
Subjects include: Practical Shisai exercises, Shiseigaku (Posturology), Anatomy and Physiology,
and Treatments for back, shoulder, and knee problems.

3. Research course: Advanced shisei training,
Shisai, Shiseigaku (Posturology).

Specialist subjects that can be studied alongside main courses.
Posture analysis, Shisai exercises for various ailments,
Sports movements, and Kinematics.

For details, please contact the Shisai Academy (Shisei Planet) directly. For other information about the Shisei Research Foundation, use the buttons across the top of this page.


Shisai Exercises

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