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What is Shisai? (姿斉)

Shisai aims to balance the three elements of a person: body, heart/mind, and energy (spiritual power).


 Shi (姿)
balance of the body, heart/mind, and energy.
 Sai (斉)
activity to harmonize the functioning of the body, heart/mind, and energy.


  • Shisei (posture) is the state of adjustment of the balance of the body, heart/mind, and energy.
  • A healthy posture is a natural balance of the physical body, heart/mind, and energy (spiritual power).
  • An unhealthy posture is due to a poor balance of the body, heart/mind, and energy.
  • Shisai is a method for achieving a good balance of the body, heart/mind, and energy.
  • Shisai has three approaches to achieving its balance, that from the body, that from heart/mind, and that from energy level.
  • Physical adjustments made to balance the body's posture are called misai (身斉). Techniques enhancing subconscious movements (physical exercises to adjust an individual's particular distortion of posture) are called saido (斉動).
  • Within shisai and misai there are very effective exercises that anybody can apply to help them to adjust their posture.
  • Shisai, misai, and saido are BBR (Balanced Balance Response) exercises that apply relaxation responses and action responses.
  • Relaxation responses are unconscious actions that we all make in our daily lives to adjust our posture, such as: stretching our fingers, folding our arms, crossing our legs, stretching up, or nervously tapping our feet or jiggling our knees.
  • If we make skillful use of these relaxation responses, it is surprisingly easy to alleviate various conditions without overexerting ourselves and without causing pain.
  • NB: The second kanji (Chinese character) used in shisai (斉), which can be read as "sei", "totonoeru", or "sai", incorporates the meaning of three types of corrections or adjustments: 1) putting disordered things in order, 2) loosening things that have become constricted, and 3) achieving balance between correctness and distortion.


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